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Learn about some of the most popular free art museums in London, where you can check out great art and history for free. Here are some of the best free art museums in London.

Hello, I'm Milo for and today in Go London we're talking about free art and museums in London. London is a vibrant and dynamic city with so much to offer. The city has some of the top museums in the world spanning history and culture, and some of the most spectacular and famous are free or with a suggested donation. Here are a few.

Tate Britain and the Tate Modern Are Free Art Museums on the Thames

Both are one the banks of the Thames, they offer free entry with a small suggested donation for their general collections and tickets for special exhibits. The Tate Britain focuses on British art from the 1500s onwards, while the Tate Modern exhibits international art from the 1900s till today.These galleries are extremely popular so bear that in mind if you come on the weekend or during high tourist seasons.

National Gallery Is a Free Art Museums in Trafalgar Square

The National Gallery is right on Trafalgar Square and is free to explore, as is The National Portrait Gallery just around the corner.Even if you are on a quick trip, their central location, free entry, and interesting collections make them a must see.

The British Museum Is an Expansive Free Art Museum in London

The British Museum is also free with a suggested donation. Boxes are near the entryway, special exhibits charge an entry fee which can be purchased at the museum or online. You could easily and gladly get lost in the annals of history represented in this expansive and impressive collection. The Museum of London houses an exhaustive history of the city from prehistory till today and is also free.

The Saatchi Gallery Is a Free Gallery in Chelsea

The Saatchi Gallery is in constant flux, exhibiting contemporary art with free entry in Chelsea. For more travel tips and helpful information, check us out at

Episode 3