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South Africa is a popular tourist destination, with around 1060 000 arrivals per month of which around 210 000 are from outside the African continent.

Kruger National Park

South Africa has it all. In the North, the dry savannah with it's sparse population and incomparable wildlife resources is the archetypal African landscape. A visit to Kruger National Park needs to be on anyone's short list of indelible life experiences - with the opportunity to independenttly explore this great game reserve and spot the Big Five animals, and stay overnight in one of the excellent camps embedded in the heart of the wild.

The Drakensberg Mountains

Or go hiking in Drakensberg Mountains, with their sharp, dramatic peaks and plunging waterfalls. This landscape of ever-changing weather has an epic cinematic quality that endlessly feeds the imagination.

Beaches in South Africa

Then there are the beaches: from Durban, where the warm Indian Ocean currents are exploited by surfers and swimmers along this great mile-long beach right in the city's downtown, to the unpopulated, and expansive, rocky beaches along the Garden Route, to the sophisticated urban Clifton Beach in Cape Town, where all the beautiful people go to see and be seen or, nearby, the aesthetically perfect Camp's Bay Beach watched over by the 12 Apostle mountain range.

South African Winelands

Or perhaps, the pastoral, genteel temperate climes of the Western Cape are more to your taste. Here, you can leisurely sample world-class wines right at the source in the Winelands, or relax in one of the charming small towns along the Garden Route, where mountains and sea frame an unsurpassed quality of life.

Cities to Visit in South Africa

Culturally, South Africa's rich and sometimes troubled history can be experienced with a visit to the Soweto townships, where rich and poor live side-by-side in this dense culturally vibrant city-within-a-city.

Durban, with it's rich Zulu, Indian and British colonial heritage, and its fascinating art-deco architecture. And then, of course, Cape Town: the most popular tourist destination in Africa. It is hard to overstate how magical this city is: with the great Table Mountain towering over the city spread out below - with its multi-racial communities, cosmopolitan shopping, restaurants and nightlife, its excellent museums and dramatic setting on the Atlantic ocean with gorgeous beaches and spectacular drives.

Culture and Wealth in South Africa

South Africa is poised somewhere between the 1st and 3rd world. It can often be shocking to the visitor to see abject poverty co-existing with affluence. The trappings of modern, Western culture - shopping malls, ATMs, luxury goods - are here in abundance and, yet, as one explores the country you become acutely aware of the gap between rich and poor.

If you can, it is highly recommended to rent a car and explore South Africa at your own pace. The roads are generally excellent - and this allows you to reach places otherwise inaccessible with public transport.

And those were a few tips for visiting South Africa. To learn more, please go to About.com.