Tips for Using the Trains in Italy

Video:Tips for Using the Trains in Italy

Traveling by train in Italy is one of the best ways to navigate the country. Watch this travel video to learn some helpful tips for using the different types of trains in Italy.

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Hi, I'm Gina Miller, and today for we are going to go over tips for using trains in Italy.Traveling by train is a very easy and economical way to move about in Italy. Trains are safe and they run on frequent schedules.

of Trains in Italy

There are several types of trains to choose from. Some stop in every small village, some bypass small villages and only stop in larger towns and the Eurostar travels at over 200 miles per hour and connects major cities. Simply check the train schedule and choose which type of train fits your travel plans. Also most major cities have an urban train system that will move you around within the city.

Navigating the Train Stations in Italy

Italian train stations in the major cities are very nice and have lots of amenities. Purchasing tickets is very easy, either from an automated ticket machine or in person with one of the agents. Here's a tip: write your destination and departure time on a piece of paper to show the agent, as many do not speak English.

Buying Tickets for Italian Trains

You can also buy your tickets online and have them in hand even before you arrive in Italy. You can purchase one-way, point to point or multi-day passes. You have the option of either 1st or 2nd class tickets, but keep in mind that on many routes you'll also need a reservation as well to have a seat. It's an additional cost but if the train is full it's better than standing the entire trip.

Boarding Trains in Italy

Now once you have your tickets, don't be worried about boarding the wrong train. Each platform is clearly marked with signage. Traveling with luggage by train is very simple. There's overhead storage for smaller items and racks near the exits for larger items. Just keep an eye on your bags when the train stops and be sure you're able to lift the bags onto the train by yourself.

Finally, most Eurostar trains have a bar and food car and some first class tickets even include drinks and snacks. However it's a good idea to bring your own food if your not traveling on the Eurostar.

And those are tips for using the trains in Italy. Thanks for watching and for more information visit us online at

Episode 4